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  • SafeLogic

    The SafeLogic Basic is a very reliable and robust safe lock system ideal for most applications. The SafeLogic Basic can be paired with any of SecuRam's lock bodies, making it a versatile Electronic Safe Lock System.

  • ProLogic

    ProLogic adds simplicity, function and quality in using a commercial grade keypad equipped with a 128x64 dot matrix LCD display providing an easy to use operational and programming menu, bringing visibility and simplicity to safe lock operations. Just follow the on-screen prompts.

  • ScanLogic

    The ScanLogic is part of our biometric series products for customers looking for a high end system for safe applications. We have incorporated it with our patented fingerprint technologies and added our Self-Learning software function, user friendly LCD display for easy operations.

  • Xtreme

    EMP-Proof Redundant Electro-Mechanical Safe Lock

    The SafeLogic Xtreme is a highly advanced electromechanical safe lock system that offers EMP protection. Access assured. 

    SafeLogic Xtreme features push button code access for everyday use PLUS SpinDial access when situations demand it.

     Optional Bluetooth connectivity allows access using a Smartphone

  • ATM - OTC

    ProLogic OTC Safe Lock

    The ProLogic OTC has been designed specifically for ATM Security Management. 

    This centrally managed safe lock system, uses next generation connectivity to provide real-time “One Time Codes”, Close Seals, automated dispatch, and secure portfolio management.

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